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The Careers & Skills Team at the Society have been working on an ongoing digital project with the support of the Department for Transport (DfT) since early 2020. The overall aim is focused on the Careers in Aerospace website, this website aims to showcase the very best the industry has to offer to attract and retain the best talent now and in the future.

The DfT tasked us with developing a new aviation focussed section of the website, which highlights the ‘stories’ of aviation and aerospace professionals and their careers. This new section is called ‘AeroStories

This is where we need your help!

We want to capture the amazing and diverse career ‘stories’ of aviation professionals to continue our work in inspiring future generations and underrepresented groups into a career into this sector.

We would very much appreciate your support, to give you an example of the ideal format for your story, kindly see the link below to the new section.

Aviation stories Archive – Careers in Aerospace

If you also wish to include a short video and/or images to showcase your career, that would also be most welcome.

Please submit your story in MS Word or email format 200 to 500 words ideally.

Videos in MP4 file format or downloadable link from YouTube for example, images ideally in JPEG or PNG.

Please email your content to nicholas.davis@aerosociety.com

Many thanks in advance for your support, stay safe and well.

Nick, Ros & Rishi

RAeS Careers & Skills Team

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