Amelia Weaver- Advanced Engineering Technician Apprentice at BAE Systems Air

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Why I decided to do an Apprenticeship

I have always been fascinated about aircraft since attending my first air show with my Dad at a young age. At the time, he worked on the Eurofighter Typhoon Aircraft, so I asked him, ‘Which Aircraft is yours Dad?’ He said, ‘You’ll hear it, trust me.’ Then, the loudest, fastest aircraft flew in and I was astounded. I remember joining air cadets the next day and being fascinated by aircraft ever since. I went on to pick engineering based subjects at college, and I went on the BAE engineering taster week. This is when I knew BAE Systems was the right place for me. I knew I wanted to pursue a career where I could work with these amazing aircraft every day.

I decided to pick an apprenticeship over going to university as an apprenticeship allows me to be hands-on while exploring and developing invaluable skills and behaviours that build a strong foundation for my future with BAE Systems. A day in the life of an apprentice consists of getting involved with cutting edge technology and getting to work with some of the UK’s most exciting programmes such as the Tempest. I am currently working within Sensing Technology, which is a really exciting part of BAE Systems’ work and it’s something I’ve really enjoyed getting to grips with.  One thing that blows my mind is that I am developing the skills I need for the future, and making a real contribution to the business all whilst earning a salary.


Apprenticeships allow you to explore the freedom of different pathways as well as developing yourself. I am able to throw myself into development opportunities and meet new people in the business every day, who are just as passionate about this as me! I am able to finesse the skills that the business requires within my apprenticeships which means I am that one step ahead. This opens many gates for me, throughout the whole of my career.

Any advice to someone who is thinking of working within STEM

Getting involved with STEM allows you to work with some incredible projects that help build and shape the future. As a woman in engineering, it is an incredible and rewarding feeling knowing that I am working with this technology. Also, STEM is so diverse, which means there are plenty of opportunities and different pathways for everybody! Never hesitate that there will not be something for you, if you are passionate about wanting to shape the future and get involved with some incredible projects, then STEM is the perfect pathway for you. The best part is, you don’t even have to come from a STEM background…