Ground Services Crew

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What does the Ground Services Crew do?

The ground crew form the support personnel that service the aircraft on the ground.

These include roles such as ramp agents, customer service agents, and flight dispatchers. Tasks can vary from day to day, and can include marshalling (greeting and pointing the aircraft in the direction of the gate in which they need to taxi), or complete a brief clean of the aircraft interior.

The ground crew can also be responsible for assisting with unloading and transporting bags, restocking food and beverage stores on flight, aligning the jet way for passengers boarding.

What are some of the key responsibilities of Ground Services Crew?

They are:

  • Responsible for clearing the runway and gate area of debris
  • Visually inspecting the tarmac and removing foreign items found, prior to the aircraft’s arrival and departure
  • Handles the loading and unloading of passenger bags
  • Direct landed aircraft to taxi spots
  • Provides other necessary services such as steps from the aircraft to allow passengers to disembark
  • Marshalling the aircraft to their taxi location
  • Cleaning the interior of the aircraft
  • Aligning the jetway

What Qualifications Do I need to become a Ground Services Crew Member?

Generally, ground crew members are expected to have completed secondary school and/or be a graduate from recognized university. Some agencies prefer those who are bilingual, but the most important factor is to have a pleasing personality with high customer service skills.


What can I expect to earn as Ground Crew?

Average starting salary for ground crew start at £15,000. With experience, you can expect to earn anywhere between £20,000 and £27,000

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