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More aerospace and aviation themed careers materials and resources which you can download for FREE below.

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6th May – How to best prepare for a career in aerospace and aviation following a crisis

Theme 1: COVID-19’s impact on the UK/European Aviation & Aerospace Industry
Theme 2: UK Industry Landscape, who is hiring & where are the jobs ?
Theme 3: What are the most sought after disciplines at present and what are organisations looking for in terms of skills & experience?
Theme 4: Job & Internship search skills – how do you do it in an industry downturn & the importance of being nimble
Theme 5: Effective networking – why an industry downturn is a good time to build relationships?
Theme 6: What is a portfolio career and how do you structure it: full-time add-ons, anchor roles & side gigs, multiple part-time roles & side hustles
Theme 7: Your Early Career Journey
Theme 8: What can you being doing in downturn to prepare for the upturn – CVs and other hints & tips

Download the slides from the webinar here

Weren’t able to tune in on the 6th May ? No problem, you can also watch the recorded webinar on You Tube below:


20th May – Career Reinvention. How to re-invent yourself, so you emerge strong and ready to make your next career move.

Theme 1: What Next? The Future Employment Outlook for Aviation & Aerospace Professionals.
Theme 2: How best to prepare yourself for Turbulent Times.
Theme 3: Raising your Profile – using your bespoke knowledge and expertise to be part of the upturn.
Theme 4:Maintaining your Professional Resilience in times of crisis.
Theme 5: Relearning job search techniques
Theme 6: Understanding recruitment and executive search agencies

Download the Top Tips Handout here.

Weren’t able to tune in on the 20th May ? No problem, you can also watch the recorded webinar below:

3rd June – Pilot Careers: The Future of our Skies

Hosted by the RAeS Careers & Employability Team and our expert panelists from the RAeS Flight Training Group.

Topics discussed include:

1. Future prospects for Pilots following a crisis (general overview of the industry in its current state and highlighting the response from the industry and how this may impact the pilot community)

2. Pilot training in a turbulent time (addressing those who are either currently undertaking some sort of pilot training i.e. ATPL, MPL, CPL and those who are thinking of embarking on a career as a pilot)

3. How best to prepare yourself for the recovery (Looking at areas such as licence validity, completing further training courses i.e. MCC or instructors rating, Keeping up technical knowledge and interview tips)

4. Transferable Skills for Pilots seeking an alternative career for the short term. (Looking at the range of skills including leadership, teamwork, organisation, Management and training)

Download the handout from the session here

Weren’t able to tune in on the 3rd June ? No problem, you can also watch the recorded webinar below:

11th June – This pilot workshop will help to prepare for Return To Work (RTW) training

Ideal for current pilots who are returning from sickness, furlough, maternity or paternity, it is a good opportunity to get your mind back into work mode.

In the webinar we will discuss the following themes which can occur during RT:

– Common simulator errors
– Manual flying skills after you have not flown for some time
– Dealing with distractions, well being and staying positive
– We will also discuss why RTW packages are normal
– Why pilots have to do RTW, and what is involved

Four experienced Captains formed a panel offering expertise and advice about facing ‘return to work’ training and refresh the competencies commercial pilots need to operate safely.

Session notes/handout available here

Eva International Media Ltd – Podcast With Arpad Szakal

In this episode, we have Arpad Szakal who is an Executive Recruiter & Career Strategist. An aviation lawyer by background, he provides leadership advisory services, strategic talent assessment and executive search solutions. Arpad has genuine motivations geared around a natural and focused bias towards CARE — he is passionate, engaged and really wants to make a difference.

Arpad and the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Careers & Employability Unit teamed up to run a series of webinars aimed to provide both young professionals and senior executives in the aviation & aerospace industries support to effectively manage their careers during what is a turbulent time for the industry. A great ambition and objective. Well done Arpad and the very best of luck with all that you are doing.


More podcasts from EVA International Media Ltd available here.

Career Flightpath magazine

The Royal Aeronautical Society produces a free aerospace and aviation careers magazine every two years with information, advice and guidance on entry routes, interviews and features with early career professionals and senior industry leaders, and features on career development.

The latest issue, no.5, was published in November 2017 and includes interviews with Boeing President and CEO Dennis Muilenberg, record-breaking pilot Shaesta Waiz and Gatwick Airport’s Adele Gammarano.

For your free hard copy of the magazine please send your name and address to We are also happy to provide multiple copies of the magazine for schools, universities, colleges etc. at no charge. You can also download the magazine for free at the links below.

You can also access a free electronic copy of issue 4 (November 2015) at the link below but please note printed copies of issue 4 have sold out.

Careers, Employability and Mentoring information packs

The Royal Aeronautical Society Careers & Skills Team have produced this resource pack to inform and support those with an early interest in aerospace and aviation and those who are looking for a career move into one of the most exciting and innovative sectors. As the industry looks forward into the next 50 years, revolutionary projects will unlock the air as a route to deliver a broad range of new, sustainable services. All the content can be accessed via the links in each section of the pack.

Careers & Employability

Entry Routes into Aerospace & Aviation & Mentoring

Accredited courses and training programmes

The Royal Aeronautical Society is licensed by the Engineering Council to accredit academic programmes which are deemed to meet all or part of the educational requirements for registration as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Chartered Engineer (CEng). While becoming an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer is not solely based on academic qualifications but also relevant work experience gained at the required level, undertaking an accredited course helps you prepare for professional engineering  registration.

Graduates with accredited degrees have a distinct advantage when they apply for CEng or IEng and many employers give preference to graduates with accredited degrees.

A number of aero employers’ professional development training programmes, including apprenticeships and graduate programmes, are also accredited for either EngTech (Engineering Technician), IEng or CEng professional registration.

Full listings of aerospace engineering related courses and training programmes accredited by the Royal Aeronautical Society are available on their website. Visit:

For more information about the Engineering Council and competency framework for professional engineering registration visit the Engineering Council website:

Company listings

Click below to download our company listings which cover the depth and breadth of aerospace and aviation to help you in your job search:


Course listings

Click below to download course listings for FE courses at UK colleges and training providers and for academic courses at UK universities related to aerospace and aviation. These include both engineering and non-engineering programmes. Please note if you are seeking an aerospace engineering course which has been accredited by the Royal Aeronautical Society for professional engineering registration you should use the links in the Accreditation section above.

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