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Role model for leadership/ achieving transformational change

Sarah is considered to be a trailblazer for women in STEM and an inspiration for
women leaders in Aerospace around the globe. She was awarded the Distinguished
Aerospace Alumni Award by Cranfield University in 2020 for her leadership role and
dynamic professional contributions to her field. She is also a prominent voice on
sustainable aviation in the media. Sarah has been listed among the Top 15 global
aerospace professionals to follow on LinkedIn for her pioneering work on her
revolutionary technology and is ranked among the top 10 most inspiring women of
her country. She has recently been presented with a Recognition of Contribution and
Nomination for Global Awards by Women Tech Network USA.

Distinguished Aerospace Alumni Award: https://bit.ly/3lMLxWs

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Technology & engineering leadership

Sarah has setup and co-founded Pakistan’s first commercial aerospace and engine
R&D Company Aero Engine Craft Private Limited in Pakistan to develop the world’s
first contrail-free aero engine for the global aviation industry. The core technology is
based on the research outcome of her PhD study at Cranfield University UK in
collaboration with the inventor of the technology Mr. Masood Latif Qureshi. The
invention has been granted two international patents and has a tremendous potential
in bringing about an environmental revolution in the context of aviation Aero Engine
Craft is set up to convert this patented technology into a full scale commercial
application ready to be used by modern civil transport aircraft for the purpose of
reducing aviation induced global warming due to contrails. The business is modelled
as a circular economy creating value for global engine manufacturers, aircraft
manufacturers and airlines by providing compliance to environmental standards and
revenue through emission trading and artificial rainfall.

(619) conversation with Arab News on the development of the contrail-free Aero-Engine – YouTube


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Her company is born global and is also involved in the development of other
environment friendly innovations such as automotive engines, drone engines,
executive aircraft and green airlines in order to address sustainable development
goals by developing sustainable technologies based on new inventions. Aero Engine
Craft is a global first mover in the contrail free aero engine. It has won several
awards and recognitions including the clean equity student award Monaco,
Distinguished Aerospace Alumni Award UK, Women Tech Network Nomination USA
and Laurels of Honour Pakistan.


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Reducing the negative impact of Aerospace on environment

As the CEO and co-founder of Aero Engine Craft, Sarah is developing contrail-free
aero-engines for the reduction of global warming and to induce artificial rain during
aircraft flight through on-board water recovery from fuel emissions; creating a vision
of the future for the aviation industry whereby it can not only reduce aviation induced
global warming but also adopt an approach to treat the fuel emissions as a resource.
Water vapour exists in the exhaust emissions as a combustion by-product. A
revolutionary technology is employed that eliminates contrails at source and
recovers water from fuel exhaust emissions as a net positive product. This is a true
definition of a disruptive technology; a global first attempt to create water within the
aero-engine from the exhaust plume during flight, carry it aboard and release it as
rainfall prior to landing. The product is a low cost alternative to aero engine redesign,
and offers revenue potential to the aviation industry while solving a crucial
environmental challenge. Aero Engine Craft aims to mark the beginning of the first
generation contrail-free aircraft flight in the world!


British Council Climate Connection https://youtu.be/B2Ep6S0M-SE
Tedx: https://youtu.be/Aw6xjTAYgIE

Contrails’ contribution to Global Warming and the challenge to mitigate them: (619) World Environment Day: Contrails’ contribution to Global Warming and the challenge to mitigate them – YouTubeWhy is global warming in the air due to aviation so critical? :https://youtu.be/TezeAusw_fg


Sarah has also co-invented and patented “A supersonic Turbofan Engine”. The
invention is a novel supersonic jet engine that is applicable to the new generation of
environment friendly aircraft-engine configurations that aim to reduce aviation
induced noise pollution and optimize fast travel. This patent would be offered for sale
to fund her green aviation ventures.

Arab News: https://youtu.be/NZafcfkZVok


Sarah currently holds a visiting academic position at Propulsion Center, SATM
Cranfield University; she is involved with the ongoing research related to the future
directions of her PhD work .The Center is seeking a grant to promote the domain of
her PhD research to the next level of technology.


Significant impact on the industry as follows:

1. Ambassador at The solar Impulse Foundation for labelling green solutions

2. Solution Evaluation Expert at World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and Solar
Impulse Foundation 2019 onwards

3. Aviation Instructor for STEM. teaching aviation to underprivileged children at a
village community school 2018 onwards https://youtu.be/sRsGIKvb_3M

4. Lobbying for regulations on aviation induced global warming with the UN and

a. UN Secretary General: https://youtu.be/QxV9LiRbWpY
b. Gulf News: https://youtu.be/Osw4evDfdTg

5. Creating awareness on Environmental Aviation Technologies on various local
platforms (radio shows, TV shows etc.)#6. HUM News native language https://youtu.be/qCGiFlccdNY

7. Jet Engine Technology interview: https://youtu.be/7tx0X6XrQEI

8. Creating Awareness on Aviation Induced Global Warming in Native Language
a. https://youtu.be/HpxHf4oFlwU
b. https://youtu.be/9YF-QcKe34c
c. https://youtu.be/mNBhz_K-w84

9. Participating in local panel discussions related to Pakistani Aviation Industry,
women empowerment and women leadership

a. https://youtu.be/AOBZO8bBCpY
b. https://youtu.be/WsZi3azZ_ng
c. https://youtu.be/mLncXeoA_Y4

11.Post-Pandemic Aviation: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/critical-recoveryaviation-industry-from-global-pandemicqureshi/?fbclid=IwAR2IWlu1YyrLyAb7qO5a5_2yqhm94oFpZe3ClwOgdLooK_

12.Fellow of Royal Aeronautical Society Pakistan Chapter


14.Senior Girl Student: National University of Science and Technology (1997-
2000, Pakistan)

15.General Secretary, Cranfield Student Association, Cranfield University (2007-
2008, UK)


Awards and Recognition:

1. Winner, Distinguished Aerospace Alumni Award 2020, Cranfield University

2. Laurels of Honour Award, WCCI Pakistan 2020

3. Listed among the Top 15 global aerospace professionals to follow on

4. National Winner, Science and Sustainability, UK Alumni Award 2021

5. Recognition of Contribution and Nomination for Global Awards by Women
Tech Network USA.

6. Ranked among the top 10 most inspiring women of Pakistan.

7. Finalist, British Alumni Award Pakistan 2019. British Alumni Award:

8. Secured seed funding from Karandaaz Pakistan through a Women
Entrepreneurship Challenge 2017 to set up clean technology aviation R&D
Company in her home country in July 2018.

9. Winner of the Clean Tech Conference Monaco Student Competition (Mar
2016). Represented Cranfield University at the Monaco Clean Tech

10.Cranfield Studentship at the Propulsion Center, SATM to undertake PhD
research on a thesis entitled “Contrail-free Aero-engines.

11.Cranfield Bursary 2007 at the School of Engineering to undertake a Masters
by Research Entitled “A Trajectory following Controller for Unmanned Aerial

12.Short-listed for the Aerospace Coachmakers Award 2016

13.Short-listed for the Schmidt-McArthur Fellowship for Circular Economy 2017
Education and Academics


Sarah has a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering from Cranfield University,
UK. Her area of specialization is Aerospace Propulsion whereby she worked
on the development of an environment friendly contrail-free jet-engine. Prior to
this, Sarah completed her master’s degree in the field of Aerospace Dynamics
from Cranfield University, UK, working on the design of a trajectory following
autopilot for the mid-air refueling of drones. Prior to this, she gained extensive
experience of working in the local automotive and engineering industry after
graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from the College of EME, NUST
Pakistan. In addition, she obtained a Private Pilot License from Lahore Flying
Club Pakistan and then trained for acrobatic flying at Cranfield University as a
private licensed pilot with flying instructor Richard Rogers. Acrobatic
manoeuvres mastered: spin, spin recovery, loop, barrel roll, and
hammerhead. Aircraft flown: Cessna 152, Piper Cherokee, Bulldog, Slingsby
and Pitts biplane https://youtu.be/Punx8LM-tHk


Sarah was directly involved with the inventor for the invention, filing and grant of
two patents that were the outcome of her PhD research. As a PhD student, she
co-supervised a total of 5 students on the MSc. Aerospace Propulsion course
during 2 academic years for their research projects working towards the MSc.
thesis. A total of 9 MSc. students in various cohorts at the Propulsion Centre,
SATM have furthered research on the basis of her PhD thesis from 2015 to 2019
as their MSc. thesis. Her thesis has been kept confidential by the University for 5
years because of the commercial promise and the global societal impact it holds