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Aerospace and aviation careers advice for adults




Aerospace and aviation require passionate and skilled people of all ages. Whether you are a service leaver looking to move from military to civilian careers in the sector, already working in the industry and looking to make a career move, or coming from a different field and keen to know more, we can help! Visit our Roles section to learn more about the variety within aerospace and aviation, from engineering design and maintenance to flying, operations and specialist fields such as business aviation or air traffic services. For information about potential employers check out the Careers Directory, and for advice on putting together your CV, our Careers Service pages give you some useful tips, as well as information on how to book an appointment with our specialist careers team.

Find Aerospace and Aviation jobs and training

Search jobs and training opportunities on the Aviation Skills Recruitment Platform (ASRP) – a dedicated site supported by the Department for Transport and a wide range of employers, industry bodies, and professional and academic institutions.

5 lessons about leaving your employer of more than 20 years:

Graeme Plenderleith outlines:

Deciding to leave Rolls-Royce was not an easy undertaking. I’ve spent 20 years learning how to be an engine performance specialist, and it’s fair to say I have a deep affection for the company. I’ve had some amazing experiences as an employee and had the opportunity to work with many talented people. I also have three children, two dogs, a wife who works full-time and a mortgage to pay – did I really want to jump ship? In the end I took the plunge because I wanted to test myself, I wanted to explore other opportunities and didn’t want to be sitting at my desk in five years’ time saying “If only…”

So here’s my 5 lessons: read on here

Getting in touch

If you would like more information please contact the Royal Aeronautical Society Careers team. In addition to our events and the Careers in Aerospace website, the Royal Aeronautical Society provides a free 1-2-1 careers advisory service where we can offer you personalised advice and help with your CV and job-hunting tips. The service is free and by appointment only at our London offices, or by telephone if you are unable to travel to London. For further details as well as more advice to get you started with your job search or career transition please visit our Careers Service pages.