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Why a Career in the Aviation Sector?

If you are an individual who is looking for a career in an exciting, challenging and ever-changing sector, it is hard to find a better industry than the aviation/airline industry.

The industry is far ahead of many others in terms of innovation. The sector invests heavily in new technologies for the benefits of both passengers and employees

With a diverse range of positions and roles in the industry, you will definitely be able to find a job that suits your skills and experience.

In addition to offering jobs that offer great pay and benefits, aviation jobs, in particular airline jobs, usually offer special travel discounts for employees and are also known for their generous benefits packages.

As with any large employer, airlines and airports hire people of all ages and experience levels with a variety of business and technical skills. Job roles range widely, and include skilled and technical positions such as accountants, catering managers, financial experts, lawyers, airport managers, pilots, navigators, mechanics, and engineers.

Traditional aviation industry employers such as airlines, airports and airframe manufacturers also hire a significant number of people for entry-level and nontechnical roles. These include customer service agents, flight attendants/cabin crew, baggage handlers, service/maintenance staff, and airline ticket agents.

For individuals with Bachelor or Masters degrees there are opportunities to start at a trainee level in various business lines such as technical, management or legal.

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