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Welcome to our online educational resources for children of all ages



Along with our friends and supports we have put together a host of education and fun activities that Primary & Secondary School children, parents and teachers can use either in the classroom or online at home. All the content can be accessed via the links in each section and they include:

Resource Packs

Videos’ & Webinars 

Interactive Activities


Case Study

Full PDF Pack available here


Head to our Teachers Page for more information about our regular school activities and content.

Cool Aeronautics ‘At Home’ 2021 Webinar

The Royal Aeronautical Society have teamed up with SheMapsEurocontrol and Airbus to bring you an insight into 3 diverse roles in the Aerospace sector.

Have you ever wondered what a drone is and why they are useful? Dr Karen Joyce & Paul Mead join us all the way from Australia to share more about why drones are the future!

When flying in an aircraft, how are the pilots guided to the right place at the right time? Do they decide on where to fly and just make up their own route? This question and many more are answered by Christopher Jeeves and Nikole Collavati from Eurocontrol who work as Air Traffic Controllers to keep us safe whilst we are going on holiday!

Just like cars, aircraft get older too and need to be fixed! It is the job of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers like Steph Smith to ensure that aircraft are safe to fly at all times. Steph’s job is varied and no one day is the same! Our Cool Aeronautics webinar reveals all about the life of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and how young people can follow in Steph’s footsteps.

The main aim of the Cool Aeronautics programme is to inspire people from a young age with the world of Aerospace, Aviation and STEM being the primary focus. Children love to engage with people working in our industry as it gives them excitement and hope of possibility for their future and what they can accomplish.

Along with this video, we have also produced a Cool Aeronautics ‘at home’ activity pack that can be used online at home or in the classroom. We also have various resources from SheMaps who have provided Teacher packs and their fantastic story ‘Pippa & Dronie.’ Eurocontrol have also provided a fantastic resource which talks all about Air Traffic Control! These resources can be found on ‘Online School Resources’ page here.

Cool Aeronautics 2020 ‘At Home’ Webinar

The Royal Aeronautical Society, along with our supporters from Spacefund, Lockheed Martin, European Space Agencey & STEM Flyer have produced this pre-recorded Cool Aeronautics Webinar. You will hear from our wonderful speakers about their jobs working in aviation, space & engineering. A series of questions were sent in to us from primary schools and our speakers are going to try and answer them in this video!

Along with this video, we have also produced a Cool Aeronautics ‘at home’ activity pack that can be used online at home or in the classroom. This can be downloaded for FREE below! 

Cool Aeronautics ‘at home’ 2021 – Activity Pack

The Royal Aeronautical Society has produced this ‘Cool Aeronautics ‘At Home Pack’ that contains a series of activities that can be used online before you watch one the online events. The activities are designed to be informative, fun and accessible by children of all abilities. They provide a brief introduction to the world of aviation and aerospace that should enable your pupils to make the most of their Cool Aeronautics experience.

The following activities are included:

1. Which Aeroplane?
2. Aeroplane Artwork!
3. Crossword!
4. First Class! (Design Activity)
5. Word Search!
6. Other RAeS & supporter activities

Download the pack here!

Amy’s Aviation

Join the adventure!

The Royal Aeronautical Society has worked with children’s radio station Fun Kids to produce three series with character Amy Aviation, named after British aviation pioneer, Amy Johnson

Amy Aviation is a young pilot and engineer who loves planes, space and everything to do with flying! Available to download for FREE, online as podcasts or as an animated series on YouTube, join Amy as she explores the world of aerospace and aviation. Amy learns how planes fly, how to make paper planes, how propellers work, visits air shows and much more. The Amy Aviation series are perfect for the classroom or at home and completely free to access. The Fun Kids website also has lots more activities including quizzes and competitions!

Paper Planes!

Send us pictures & videos of your flight!

Tweet it to us@RAeSCareers using the hashtag #CoolAeronautics

Cool Aeronautics has come to you! The Royal Aeronautical Society has created a number of paper plane templates that you can print off and try to build. Each design is different and some are a bit more trickier than others!

Have a go yourself and print off each design:

Typhoon – One of the most agile fighter jets in the world, careful when designing
the nose of the aircraft as this is one of its key features.
Comet – The de Havilland DH 106 Comet was the world’s first commercial jet
Dart – The classic paper planes design, it has made may successful flights over the
Rapier – The North American XF-108 Rapier was a proposed long-range, highspeed
interceptor aircraft.

Malaga Poster

What careers are available in aerospace?

Our ‘Malaga’ careers poster is inspired by many people’s first experience of flying, a short-haul trip to Southern Spain for a holiday. It’s hard to imagine just how many people have helped to make these flights happen which in turn leads to some fantastic potential jobs you might be interested in. The poster aims to illustrate some of the key roles which are involved in helping people fly to their holidays and use all kinds of skills.

UAM – Explore

Introducing Urban Air Mobility


Explore UAM here


At Flight Crowd we want to spark excitement in young people about Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and create a bridge between the experts and enthusiasts of the industry.


Our outreach project ‘UAM – Explore’ introduces school students to UAM by putting the emerging industry into a realistic context. Our artistic impressions provide an image where all future breeds of mobility work together and integrate with the modern world.

The activity also includes a quiz for students to explore the different career paths within this new industry that they can take. We believe that in UAM there is a place for people from all backgrounds and interests. Here you can also find interviews from industry professionals, sharing their experience and advice.

We are always open to collaboration and would love to hear your ideas on how we can collaborate or feedback on this project #UAMexplore. If you would like our STEM Ambassadors to support your students, please get in touch!

She Maps – STEM Resources 

She Maps aims to bring much needed diversity and support to STEM. We do this by providing drone and geospatial programs and professional development to teachers and schools across the globe.

Find out more at

Pippa and Dronie – Pippa and Dronie is a beautifully illustrated book for young readers aged 5 to 9, celebrating diversity in STEM. The book introduces children to real-life female role models doing amazing things in their work with drones. Join in the adventure as Pippa and Dronie travel around Australia, finding out just how useful a drone can be!

Free teacher resources and a game based coding app is available for free download.

Map My School – How cool is your school? Our Map My School free resources are a simple set of lessons where students use satellite data to map the amount of shade on your school grounds. Students will calculate the percentage of shade and create a map that meets cartographic (mapping) conventions.

Visit to get started

British Airways School Packs

These are great for those studying Travel and Tourism, Business, IT, Geography etc, they support critical learning and thinking skills and are useful reference packs for anyone bringing the world of travel and aviation to life in the classroom.

British Airways have produced some fantastic Primary & Secondary Resource Packs. Enclosed in this pack are some ideas for lessons and resources that can be used in the classroom. The pack includes word searches, quizzes, classroom exercises and other activities. Photocopies can be made of all the resources. Children may enjoy writing their own names on their passports
and destinations on their tickets.

Primary School Pack

Secondary School Pack

If you have any feedback, please email:

Primary Engineer

Breaking GOOD news!
We have looked at how we can help you, your children and your friends and their children with engaging, engineering focused opportunities.

‘If you were an engineer, what would you do?’ our annual competition asking pupils from 3-19 to identify a problem in the world and design a solution to it has been extended and we are offering pupils and parents the opportunity to register and enter individually. It also offers teachers the opportunity to register and use this as curriculum work to be undertaken for pupils at home or school. We have online resources for you to access and we will be running more of our online interviews with engineering professionals for you to join.

To find out more follow this link. Teachers please feel free to share and to use.

At Home with Aerospace Bristol

We’re bringing you a series of At Home with Aerospace Bristol videos, activities for kids, and more to enjoy from the comfort of your sofa.

Check out what is online here!

You can follow Aerospace Bristol on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And sign up to emails to stay in the loop.

Flying Start Challenge Activity Pack

The Flying Start Challenge Committee have created an Activity Workbook you can complete while at home!

The pack includes; lesson material, online resources, and different design activities for you to challenge your families with.

Click on the link to download the pack and get started!

Have fun and stay safe!

Flying Start Challenge Committee

Case Study – read Jack’s story

‘My name is Jack Hawkins, I’m an aircraft engineering apprentice with Ryanair, based at Stansted’.

‘Aviation has been a fascination to say the least from a very young age; my grandmother was an incredibly important figure in my life growing up and she lived just under the approach path to Duxford. I used to spend hours watching aircraft land and decided from young that aviation was the industry I wanted to work within. I became an air cadet aged 13 which really reinforced my motives and began volunteering at Bruntingthorpe working on ex RAF Blackburn Buccaneers – this was largely where my interest within aircraft maintenance was born, along with undertaking 2 weeks of work experience with the Royal Air Force at the age of 15’.

Read Jack’s full story here

Royal Aeronautical Society Careers & Skills Team

Online School Resources

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Thank you to ADS Group, Fun Kids Radio, AAR Corp, British Airways and Primary Engineering for sharing your resources.




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