Patricia Mawuli Porter

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Age: Not telling but between 30 and 40 earth years!

Aviation skills: Build, inspect, maintain, fly – LAA and BMAA types.

Total Flying time: approx. 1000 hours

Favourite aeroplane: All of them! But a special spot for the Zenair 701 and 750 series… and the Skyranger… and the CH601…. Oh STOP, I can’t choose!

Background: I was born in a rural village in Ghana, West Africa.  Despite a number of challenges growing up, I was fortunate enough to eventually undertake an apprenticeship in Aviation and Technology, and become the first civilian woman to obtain a pilots licence in Ghana, the first woman worldwide to undertake Rotax Aircraft Engine training at the factory, and obtain iRMT status, and then on moving to the UK in 2015, I have now become the first woman to be factory trained by ULPower Aero Engines and the first black female aircraft inspector for the UK non-certified oversight organisations – the Light Aircraft Association and also the British Microlight Aircraft Association.

During my engineering apprenticeship I was given the opportunity to learn to fly – and went on to fly humanitarian air drop missions and to become a flying instructor in Ghana too.  I was fortunate enough to take many hundreds of rural African youngsters on their first every flight.  I believe in changing lives one flight at a time!

Here in the UK, as a director of our family business, I spend most of my time on build challenges/aircraft inspections and aircraft maintenance – to be honest, I do miss those lovely 200’ flights over rural tropical villages, dropping health education packs, youth flights, etc – but I also appreciate that here in the UK there is so much opportunity for those wanting a career in aviation.  I think more young people – especially girls and those from BAME backgrounds should realise that aviation is full of opportunity for them – even if there are few role models for those minorities in the sector!

I love to fly, but I also love to build, to change aircraft engine oil, to wash and polish a plane, to support those flying with a radio service or to drive the tractor to mow the grass areas around the airfield!  So, I guess that my passion is sharing my passion for aviation – whether that is flying, engineering, Air Traffic Control, airfield management or any of the many opportunities that aviation offers.

For those at school, looking at what the world has to offer – aviation is something that you need to investigate!  There are so many facets and we need more young people who understand the breadth of the industry to get on-board!

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