Mohan Venugopal – Graduate Engineer at Leonardo Helicopters UK

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Hi my name is Mohan and I am a Graduate Engineer at Leonardo Helicopters in the UK. Leonardo designs, manufactures and tests helicopters for militaries and emergency services around the world.


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Why Engineering?

I find it incredibly motivating that the aircraft we build have consistently contributed to saving lives, whether that is transporting Covid-19 patients or search and rescue operations worldwide.

What a typical day is like & key skills to become an engineer

My role has involved technical placements across various engineering departments such as Structural Design, Project Management and Rotor Systems Design. This is fantastic as it gives me the opportunity to try out different specialities before picking the one that I most enjoy. The Core Engineering Graduate Scheme at Leonardo Helicopters requires a STEM related degree, but the skills that they are really looking for are problem-solving and teamwork abilities. What makes working at Leonardo so special is that you can be working away at your desk designing a new part of a helicopter and then you take a look outside to see our products undergoing flight tests, every day. It’s the same thrill that I get whenever I attend an airshow and there is no replacement for seeing and hearing these machines fly first-hand.

Advice for anyone who wants to pursue a career in this industry. 

My advice to anyone looking to get on a trainee scheme in aerospace or to work in aircraft design is to be prepared to demonstrate your passion for aerospace. You don’t have to be an expert early on in your career but you need to have the self-determination, technical potential and positive attitude to develop into a competent engineer.


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