Top 10 Tips For Wellbeing In The Work Place

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The current economic climate added to the last couple of years of pandemic have really effected peoples mental health. It is easy to let life stress you out, but we want to help you find a bit more peace in the place you spend most of your day, work. There are a number of ways you can look after your wellbeing and here are a few that are easy to implement and make into habits.


Move – Make sure you make time in your day to move.  This could be on your commute, so riding your bike getting off a tube or bus stop early or taking the stairs, a little goes a long way. You could take a walk on your lunch break or do some stretches. You may also think that having snacks and drinks stocked up near you will save you time but getting up to stretch your legs even if it is to grab a snack is better than not moving at all! The benefit of this is the release of endorphins,  20minutes of activity can create a happiness reaction which will make you feel energized but will also benefit you later when it comes to sleeping.


Take a break – Set your phone to remind you if you are bad at taking a break. You should aim for a few minutes every hour to detach from your device. This will mean you feel more awake through your day. Technology isn’t bad but it isn’t healthy to be staring at a screen and you may also find sometimes you get a bit of a mental block. Taking breaks allow you to reset and has been proven to make you more productive and benefits your emotional health as well as mental health.


Pack your own lunch – There are a couple of reasons to make your own food; Firstly food you make at home is much more likely to have less calories, you can control what you buy and what you eat with out the pressure of grab and go for convenience. On top of this, money issues are on the rise as bills are getting higher, this is a source of stress and you could control this by making your lunch, as eating out on your lunch break can be much more costly. Packing a health lunch will also help you to avoid that post lunch slump!

Keep clean– Make sure you wash your hand and sanitise, there are many virus’s including the common cold which spread around work places. The likeliness is you catch a cold but it will get you at the weekend ( your down time) so reduce the worry of losing out on ‘you’ time.


Make friends– Having a friend in the work place means you have someone to talk to that understands you. They will motivate you and you can champion each others successes.  You can share not only work goals but fitness goals too, who better to take a lunch time walk with. Having work friends will make your work day more fulfilling, it has been said to increase employee satisfaction by up to 50%.


Your set up – Nobody is cheered up by a back ache or carpal tunnel syndrome. Make sure your have set up your work space to be ergonomically efficient, this will keep you happy and healthy for longer.


Drink lots – you need to stay hydrated! We often get too involved in our work especially when stressed. Get yourself a refillable bottle and make sure you have water available at all times. Its also worth noting that stress can give people poor skin or other physical side effects and being well hydrated is an easy way to combat these symptoms.

To do lists – Write yourself a to do list. Everything on there should be achievable, even add small things like ‘clean my desk’, check emails, go for my lunch time walk, there should always be things on there that you can tick off. On this note, do not make promises on things you’re unsure you can deliver. Be honest and tell people you can get something done but it may take a little longer etc. this will stop you feeling anxious about unachievable deadlines.


Decorate your workspace – Make the place you spend most of your time an enjoyable one.  You’ve favourite mug, a plant a picture of a loved one. Whatever it is that will bring positivity to your day, have it around you.


Sleep- Sleep can cure many things, so it is one of the most important things on this list. Especially for those who work from home or take their work home, it is important to know when to stop and get some rest. Not having enough sleep can raise the level of stress hormone in your body which will not help if you are already stressed. Getting a good amount of deep sleep will also improve your memory which can be effected in stressful situations. The amount of sleep needed is different for each person but 8 hours is the average people are advised to have.

There are a number of other ways to reduce stress and anxiety and concentrate on your wellbeing. Make sure what every you do is best for you, if you don’t like to run, go for a swim if you can meditate then find a calming hobby. Its time to start investing in your mental health.