The 7 Continents STEM Challenge

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What is the 7 Continents STEM Challenge?

The 7 Continents STEM Challenge has been created by Jonny Short in collaboration with the RAeS, the AAPG for General Aviation and STEM Learning UK and is to be used as a tool to inspire the next generation of STEM and aviation professionals.

The concept behind the flight is to break down the common stigmas associated with joining the aviation sector and to highlight the clear career pathways that are available to children and young adults regardless of background.

Aviation is the perfect industry to showcase STEM subjects and show the young how the all the topics can all be joined together under one sector. Science can be linked to weather planning imperative for flight which requires a knowledge based upon earth science, Physics can be incorporated when we look at how ‘lift’ under an airplane’s wings enables it to fly. Technology, comes into play with the advances in modern avionics where areas such as computer science and programming are helping to improve the overall safety of air transport. Engineering can be applied when we look at the construction of aircraft and the development of their engines but it is mathematics that binds science, technology, and engineering together. Its association with aircraft performance and aircraft navigation, can be seen everywhere from planning when looking at getting from Point A – Point B in the least possible time (and without losing your way), to something as basic as calculating the amount of fuel required to make a journey successful.

The 7 Continents STEM Challenge will begin in late July 2020, over 38,000 nautical miles to be flown, 30+ Countries to be visited and over 200 flight Hours will be spent in the air. Along the way we will be carrying out a number of outreach events at local schools, STEM colleges and flight schools to raise the awareness of GA and STEM and their importance to the future of Aviation.

Check out the new STEM Flyer website for more information on this exciting journey! 

We will be following Jonny throughout his planning and of course when he sets off on his mission! Watch this space!

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