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Look Up Competition 

Which Kids Can Enter? 

Entry is open worldwide to children aged 7-11 years. The competition is a great way to introduce young people to the world of Aerospace! It enables the children to use their imagine to design a futuristic Spacecraft whilst thinking about the future of space travel and how the Spacecraft can be adapted to suit the dream of traveling to the Planet Mars in the years to come.


How Are the Winners Selected?

Winners will be selected based on the best designs that include a range of features that are considered below:

  • The Spacecraft should carry 5 astronauts plus a dog called Riley! (make sure Riley has enough space to play!)
  • It should be able to travel to Mars and return safely with all 5 astronauts
  • It should be able to land on a rocky surface, ( The ground on Mars is known to be rocky!)
  • It should have enough windows (but not too many!) so that the astronauts can enjoy the fascinating views of Space!
  • It should be kind to the environment and not cause any harm to the atmosphere on earth during lift-off and Re-entry! ( How would you power the spacecraft, electricity or fuel?)
  • It must be able to carry all the special things that an astronaut would take to space. (This includes experimental equipment, Country flags, Space uniforms, cameras and most importantly food and water!)
  • The Astronauts should be able to speak to Mission Control on Earth at all times. How would they do this? Would Mobile Phones work?

Winners will be selected by members of the Careers team at the Royal Aeronautical Society and those lucky ones will be notified by the RAeS in early February.


Which Prizes Can the Children Win?

Children who enter this competition will have the chance to win a signed copy of the picture book ‘Look Up!,’ a fantastic book following the journey of a young girl who dreams about being an Astronaut when she grows up! It is a must read for any budding astronaut who has their head turned towards the stars! Written by author @NathanBryon along with fantastic illustrations by Dapo Adeola (@DapsDraws) this book is sure to inspire young children to explore the world of space and perhaps inspire them to be blasted off into space in future years!


How Can Kids Enter This Competition

  1. Please draw your design on a piece of paper (A3 or A4 sized) with a coloured drawing of your spacecraft. Do also feel free to label it with the most important and interesting things about your spacecraft!
  2. Either scan the design drawing onto a computer or alternatively take a picture of the design on a phone/tablet. (If taking pictures, please ensure that the resolution is of a reasonable quality)
  3. Please email your entry to along with your full name, email address and also the name of a parent/guardian.
  4. We will then choose the best designs and those selected will be contacted by the RAeS Careers Team!





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