Cool Aeronautics – Space Special!

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Cool Aeronautics – Space Special!


On Friday 21st June, we welcomed 120 children to out beautiful London Headquarters for our Cool Aeronautics Space Special in celebration of the 50 year Apollo missions.


The day started with a fun filled space themed activity by Jo Fox from Spacefund, where the children were tasked within building the biggest rocket ever! They also learn all about how the Saturn Five rocket was engineered, as to this day it is still the largest rocket ever built by man! Following this session, the children heard from Pat Norris from the RAeS Space Group, Pat has had a fascinating career working with NASA on the Apollo missions in the 1970s. He told the children about the road to the moon and what the astronauts get up to in space!

After a short break the schools, we were delighted to welcome Nicol from ESA (European Space Agency). She told the schools about her careers as a space biologist and what exciting  and challenging missions ESA are planning for the future!


After lunch, the schools were then split into groups and went off to do various challenges and activities including, design a Mars Lander!


After a big thank you from all our partners and headline sponsor AAR Corp, the schools then left with their goody bags! Here is to the next Cool Aeronautics events at the Shuttleworth Collection!

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