Virtual Interview Mistakes to Avoid

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With the holiday break approaching, it is a good time to wind down and take some time to relax. However, it is also a good time to think about jobs/apprenticeships/placements/university courses for the upcoming academic year, who may in turn offer you an interview.

Many companies offer virtual interviews, or virtual aptitude tests, and it is important to make sure that you do not accidentally sabotage your chances of getting the role due to lack of knowledge on what notto do.

A recent survey from TopResume has revealed that “many job candidates have yet to master the art of the virtual interview — and it’s sabotaging their candidacy.” But don’t worry, these five key mistakes are easy to prevent with preparation and practice, and they are nothing to do with technical issues!

Here are the top 5 mistakes for you to avoid:

  1. Not making eye contact:It may feel really weird to stare directly into your camera but unfortunately, this is a critical skill to get down, as maintaining eye contact demonstrates professionalism and establishes trust. Try moving the interviewer’s video box to the top of your screen just under the camera to help.
  2. A messy room: It may seem obvious, but mess in the background of your video call can give a bad first impression to a potential employer.
  3. An unprofessional background: Find a blank wall, even if it is somewhere unconventional like a bathroom, and blur your background. Or, take the time to tidy up the space behind you and remove any decorations that are inappropriate.
  4. Leaving open inappropriate tabs or apps when screen-sharing: Hopefully another easy point to remember. Treat your laptop/computer as part of the room of your interview and close all inappropriate tabs.
  5. Being interrupted: Whether it is by housemates or family members, being interrupted during an interview can put an employer off from hiring you. Message the group chat, or put a sign on your door, just make sure you are left uninterrupted.


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