Top tips for the first weeks in your new job and moving forward.

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When starting a new job it can be daunting, but we have put together some top tips to enable you to be as prepared as possible for your first few weeks in your new role.


Research before you start. – You will have done some preliminary research before your interview but now you have the job, look at your job description, The company strategy and values. What is your position is asking of you? Research the company and see where you fit in, This will give you a good stance on starting, you will be able to analyse the right areas and impact in a positive way from the beginning.

Arrive prepared. – Bring stationary, Pen, Pencil, notebook and documents they may require. You may have already given them copies of your passport and billing address or bank details. Make sure you still have these to hand on you first day.

Positive attitude. – On arrival and throughout greet people with a smile, introduce yourself. Don’t worry if you cant remember names but try to remember the group you will work closest with. Although we are talking about a positive attitude we are not lining you up to say ‘Yes’ to everything. Take on board what people ask, the tasks at hand and then find a way to develop positive boundaries. Do not ever say that’s not my job, if you don’t believe it is your task speak about it with your manager and address it professionally

Dress for the occasion – you may be given a uniform on your first day but make sure you are dressed for the occasion or are prepared to be. Whether you wear a suit, casual clothes or overalls ensure they are clean and ironed. Be presentable as you a representative of the company you are working for.


As time goes on you may want to make the good impression last and help you build a future in the company where you can grow. so what next?


Identify the key staff at the same level as you. What do they do right? Often you will notice who is popular in the work place who is higher in position or most likely to get promoted soon. If you notice someone like this take note of what they do how they communicate and behave and see if there are ways you can behave in the same way. By this we don’t mean mimic everything they do, but confidence, work patterns, communication. The risk here is you act like someone you think would be a good fit but they actually are not professionally the right choice, much rather just friendly and funny but maybe not moving up. So look to your superiors and how they behave too, Also not what people do that is not good its always good to know what not to do.

Ask Questions – People are often scared to ask questions in case it comes across as incompetence. The best way to learn something is ask the right questions to the right people. Knowledge is power and colleague will want you to have the answers to be able to achieve the right out come for the job, so ask away.

Use your initiative  – asking questions is encouraged but you will also need to know when to get the job done. After a few weeks you will know things you are able to do and need to do. Don’t wait to be asked make sure you complete daily tasks and more on your own initiative. This will stop you being micro managed and help you become an integral part of the business.

Build a rhythm / set goals –  Once you are more established in your role you will be able to set yourself small goals and targets and get into a rhythm of how you work and achieve things in the work place.  Getting into a rhythm will help you to understand your own way of working and the best way for you to get things done. That way you will be able to plan your days and work you way to those goals you have set yourself.



Hopefully this has helped but if you have any questions you can always email us: