Stress Awareness

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April is stress awareness month and research shows that absenteeism in the work place is still largely to blame on stress. Since 2021, 65% of people feel more stressed than usual.


Can you recognise the signs of Stress?

Stress can effect our emotions behavior and even have physical effects on our body.

Emotionally, you may feel more irritable, aggressive, impatient or
anxious, nervous. It cant sometimes feel like you cant switch off and you no longer find enjoyment in life or you’ve lost your sense of humor

Behaviorally, your reactions may be more snappy or even less passionate due to feelings of worry. some people will gain more ‘bad habits’ Such as biting your nails or picking your skin. there could be a feeling of restlessness or being more tearful than usual.

Physically, there could be signs of stress in your breathing and heart rate with muscle tension and panic attacks. you could have trouble sleeping and have large changes in you diet whether that is eating more or less.

For more information about the signs of stress download ‘s information HERE

How to deal with stress

Get more sleep – This may sound crazy as sleep could be one of the areas affected by stress but sleep is important for your brain to regroup. Try a few things that could get your sleep pattern back on track;

  • Take a warm bath
  • if you’re thinking about certain things you need to do, write them down.
  • less caffeine or sugar after a set time each day ( over 2hours before planned sleep)
  • avoid over stimulating games or tv shows before bed.
  • try breathing exercises – Breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 and breath out slowly for 8. repeat this 4 or 5 times until you start to feel the effects.

Listen to music – Classical music is best for relaxing the mind but find somethin you can enjoy and take your mind off things.

create a play lists that last a set amount of time that way at the end of a play list you know its time to take a break.

if you use music to help you sleep something repetitive and slow is recommended

Rest if you are ill – Many people feel the need to go into work out of guilt or fear they wont be believed but this will only prolong your illness

Learn to say no – There is a limit to what you can do, if its not possible, say no.

Manage Time effectively – plan your day with time buffers. make to do lists and manage your work load with your energy levels. if you know you are more efficient in the morning then plan the most important things for the start of your day.

Exercise – One of the most proven ways to relieve stress. Exercise can be a release and also is a great supplier of dopamine. it doesn’t have to be a full gym routine, just a few simple exercises at home to get your heart rate rising will do the trick.

In the moment if you feel stress building try taking long deep breaths. it is important not to allow stress to consume you. have great resources to help HERE

For Some Amazing Resources and help with stress and anxiety visit Free Resources – The Stress Management Society % %