Futures Scholarship

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The Royal Aeronautical Society are proud to launch our brand new Scholarship Programme to highlight the importance of internships and impact in the field of Aerospace, Aviation & Space. This particular scholarship focuses on increasing the probability of employment in the aerospace sector through offering extra opportunities for pre-employment development. This could be a paid internship, work experience opportunity, or an award for teams making an impact to inspiring the next generation.


The objective of the scheme is to widen opportunities for careers in aerospace by making financial awards in the field of aeronautics, astronautics, aerospace and aviation management (hereafter collectively known as ‘aerospace’).


The funding is open to all nationalities, and is for those who aspire to a career in aerospace but who are financially constrained in conducting an activity to improve their employability (eg internship, specific course, apprenticeship), for teams and individuals working with young people in a STEM or aerospace-related context, those undertaking an apprenticeship and those who work at PhD level are assessed as showing passion, commitment and excellence, and likely to have a demonstrable impact in the field of aerospace.


Applicants should pay particular attention to the aims of the Fund and its themes of: enabling an individual looking to conduct an activity to increase their employability in the aerospace sector but who is demonstrably constrained by financial circumstances, providing essential funding to meet a need; increasing diversity in the aerospace sector, supporting excellence and the prospect of a worthwhile result; supporting the future of aerospace.


To find out more about specific requirements and the full list of awards to apply for, head to the Futures Scholarship Hub. Deadline is the 31st of May.

The committee will be meeting in early August to select successful recipients.