Engineering Fundamentals – FREE COURSE

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The Faculty of Engineering at Strathclyde is delighted to offer a newly developed module in Engineering Fundamentals for launch in May 2020. This free course is fully funded through the Scottish Funding Council and will be taught exclusively online.


The course aims to provide an insight into studying engineering and an opportunity to develop skills relevant across different engineering disciplines. Combining online materials developed by the highly acclaimed departments of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Design Manufacturing and Engineering Management and Civil and Environmental Engineering the course aims to contextualise what it means to be an engineer, the impact engineers have on the industry and environment around them and seeks to nurture and develop engineering habits of mind.


There will be 4 main sections covering generic engineering skills relevant across a broad range of engineering disciplines:

Industry and the Engineer – industry, productivity, project planning, process optimisation and supply chains

Engineering Mechanics – acceleration, velocity, kinematics, structured problem solving and free body diagrams

Fundamentals of Electronic andElectrical Engineering – charge, current, energy & power, Kirchoff’s Laws, DC circuits, digital analysis

Introduction to Engineering Materials – properties of engineering materials, selection of materials, sustainability and environmental impact of material

Delivery: Exclusively online running from May to September 2020. You can start and end on any date.

This course is suitable for:
• Senior school leavers planning to/interested in studying Engineering at college or University
• Anyone thinking about an Engineering Apprenticeship/currently undertaking an Apprenticeship.
• Anyone interested in a Graduate Apprenticeship
• Anyone thinking about or returning to a career in Engineering

Credit Value and Pre-requisites: This course is worth 10 credits at SCQF Level 7. To be eligible you will have Maths and/or Physics Nat 5’s or higher or equivalent experience.

How to apply: To apply for a place go to our application page here. For more information please contact

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