Cool Aeronautics – Shuttleworth Collection

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RAeS careers were proud to host the first Cool Aeronautics event at the Shuttleworth Collection in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

We welcomed 56 students from Campshill Primary School in Stevenage for an educational day of everything Aerospace. The children got a guided tour of the various exhibits at the collection and the most unique aspect of the collection is the fact that all the aircraft are still operational! The students were also treated to a presentation by corporate partners Lockheed Martin. They talked about their wide-ranging projects which are being undertaken at their base in Ampthill.

In the afternoon the children got to build and design Aerojet models under the supervision of Shuttleworth staff. They had a great time competing with each other to see which Aerojet could fly the furthest. Lockheed Martin ran the infamous ‘egg lander challenge’ where the children had to design parachutes that could hold an egg and then drop it from height. It was interesting to see some of the concepts that were created! Overall a fantastic day at this venue, our sincere thanks to Matthew-Studdart Kennedy from Shuttleworth and to Bobby Slater and the team from Lockheed Martin for their support. We very much look forward to hosting many more Cool Aeronautics events at this timeless institution.”

Author: Rishi Radia