“Cool Aeronautics at Home” 2021 is Live and Kicking!!

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The wait for Cool Aeronautics at Home 2021 is finally over!!! This year the Royal Aeronautical Society have teamed up with SheMaps, Eurocontrol and Airbus to bring you an insight into 3 diverse roles in the Aerospace sector.

Have you ever wondered what a drone is and why they are useful? Dr Karen Joyce & Paul Mead join us all the way from Australia to share more about why drones are the future!

When flying in an aircraft, how are the pilots guided to the right place at the right time? Do they decide on where to fly and just make up their own route? This question and many more are answered by Christopher Jeeves and Nikole Collavati from Eurocontrol who work as Air Traffic Controllers to keep us safe whilst we are going on holiday!

Just like cars, aircraft get older too and need to be fixed! It is the job of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers like Steph Smith to ensure that aircraft are safe to fly at all times. Steph’s job is varied and no one day is the same! Our Cool Aeronautics webinar reveals all about the life of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and how young people can follow in Steph’s footsteps.

The main aim of the Cool Aeronautics programme is to inspire people from a young age with the world of Aerospace, Aviation and STEM being the primary focus. Children love to engage with people working in our industry as it gives them excitement and hope of possibility for their future and what they can accomplish.