RAeS Yeovil Branch – Young Members Lecture Competition 2020 – The Reggie Brie Award

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Can you rise to the challenge in 2020!

The Reggie Brie Award is given to the winner of the annual young person’s lecture competition that the RAeS Yeovil Branch holds for members, or non-members, under the age of 30 (on the day of the competition). The competitors each present on an aerospace or aviation technical/business related topic, of their choice, for approximately 20 minutes, before receiving questions from the audience. A panel of judges then assess each competitor against a set of criteria that places emphasis on presentation skills. All successful applicants who speak at the competition receive £50, with the first place speaker receiving £250 and the Reggie Brie Award.

Competitors do not need to be a RAeS member, or work in Yeovil. In previous years, speakers have ranged from Students, Apprentices, Graduates, Engineers, Business employees, to International visitors. The competition involves presenting for 20 minutes in front of an audience on your chosen subject (preferably aerospace related) followed by 5-10 minutes of questions. All successful applicants who speak at the competition receive £50, with first place taking home £250 and the Reggie Brie Award.

This is a fantastic opportunity if you are trying to put together evidence for your Chartership application as it provides evidence for several sections of the Competency Matrix. If you would like to enter the competition, please fill in the entry form in the attached entry form and submit it to Alisdair Wood and David McCallum (contact details on the entry form) by Friday 13th March 2020. They will also be able to provide you with further details if you have any questions, along with guidance and advice on how to hone your presentation skills for the competition.


The competition will be held in the Dallas Conference Room 1a/b at the Leonardo Helicopters site in Yeovil.

Upcoming Events Schedule

The upcoming event schedule for the Branch is as follows:

• 27th February – 64th Henson & Stringfellow Dinner: Advanced Technology within Leonardo – Tiltrotors. Past, Present, and Future – by speaker Clive Scott (Ticket Only Event)
• 19th March – Accident Investigation – by speaker Alan Parmenter
• 16th April – The Reggie Brie Young Members Lecture Competition – by a collection of 4 Young Members competing for the Reggie Brie Trophy

To enter please contact:

David McCallum: David.Mccallum@leonardocompany.com
Alisdair Wood: Alisdair.Wood@leonardocompany.com

Deadline for application entry is Friday 13th March 2020
Lecture Competition Date is Thursday 16th April 2020

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