New Scientist Live 2019 – 10th – 13th October 2019

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New Scientist Live 2019

The world’s greatest science festival returns aiming to educate, inspire and excite those of all ages with the biggest ideas and innovations in science.

Hosted at ExCeL London and run by the world’s favourite science weekly, New Scientist, the festival promises new discoveries for anyone and everyone curious about science. Featuring more than 120 pioneering and inspirational speakers and 150 exhibitors, enquiring minds of all ages will hear from some of the most distinguished scientists, authors and entrepreneurs from around the world.

At New Scientist Live, you’ll be taken on a journey of discovery by world-acclaimed speakers showcasing on the main stage and 5 zone stages across the four-day event.

Speaker highlights include:

• Space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock on the past, present and future of the moon
• Mark Miodownik on the engineering that will really make a difference to the problem of plastic wastes
• South African paleontologist Lee Berger on the fossil discoveries that changed our view of human evolution
• Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb describes efforts to detect signs of intelligent extraterrestrial civilisations
• Benjamin Barratt gives an unprecedented insight into the air pollution we are breathing in
• Jacqueline McGlade reveals the crops turning poisonous due to climate change
• Roboticist Subramanian Ramamoorthy on whether we can make intelligent robots safely

This year the festival explores five important themes including; the moon, how science can save the world, game-changing technology, healthcare of the future, and engineering is everywhere. Reigniting its theme of five immersive zones, guests visiting New Scientist Live will explore the Cosmos, Earth, Humans, Technology, and Engineering areas that will touch on a variety of topics that shape our culture, communities and ultimately our lives. To bring these to life, there will also be thought-provoking immersive experiences throughout the exhibition including:

• Ever wanted to walk on the moon? Feel like an Apollo astronaut as you walk on giant images of the near and far sides of the moon. See a real piece of the moon under a microscope. Space experts from the National Space Centre help you build and launch your very own Saturn V rocket to the moon! Be mesmerized by artist Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon installation measuring 7 metres in diameter, featuring detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface.
• Every animal has a story. We have teamed up with The British Ecological Society to create an inspiring, educational experience showcasing exceptional images that give an insight into the incredible creatures of the world. Within this immersive experience, you will also meet scientists from the British Ecological Society who work to uncover the secret lives of animals, and discover how we can all help to solve the biggest challenges facing our natural world.
• What does the operating room of the future look like? Showcasing some of the ground-breaking work that Kings College London’s School of Biomedical Engineering and Image Sciences, the operating room of the future feature explores how technology and engineering are transforming surgery now and into the future. A future where image-fusion software, detailed patient history and machine learning will create personalised surgical plans, where sensor technology and robotics will make it safe to enter the most delicate of organs, where cellular therapies and in-device imaging capabilities will ensure cancer treatment has the greatest chance of success.
• Thrill seeker? Go on the MDX Loco Motion, a VR rollercoaster ride for a truly gut-wrenching experience

Explore big ideas, get your hands dirty with interactive workshops, be inspired by talks from the world’s highest acclaimed scientists and take a peek into the future of our world; it’s science as you’ve never seen it before.

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