Alta Mentoring Webinar May 2021 – How do you manage the work-nonwork boundary?

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Join the RAeS and the alta mentoring team for our next webinar – How do you manage the work-nonwork boundary?‘ – where guest speaker Dr Stefanie Reissner of the Newcastle University Business School, UK will discuss her latest research on the impact of home working during the pandemic and creating work-life boundaries.

Event outline

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many people in the UK to work from home, turning them into flexible workers. While some have embraced this new way of working, others have struggled to make it work for them. Deriving from British Academy / Leverhulme Trust-funded research into boundary management among flexible workers, this presentation will outline the tenets of boundary theory and show how you may apply these ideas to help you manage your work-nonwork boundary more effectively.

This will be a really timely event whether you are returning from furlough to perhaps a very different workspace, or have been working from home since the first lockdowns and juggling personal commitments, if you are moving to ‘hybrid’ work environments in your current or future role. If you haven’t yet joined alta you can also meet the team and ask your questions.


Date: Wednesday 12 May 2021

Time: 17.00-18.00 BST


Attendance is free, please register via:

The alta mentoring platform –

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About the Speaker

Dr Stefanie Reissner is a Reader in Management and Organisation Studies at Newcastle University Business School. Her research focuses on how people make sense of their experiences in and around organisations through language and storytelling. As a committed educator and trained coach, Stefanie is keen to make her research findings relevant to audiences beyond academia, for example through practitioner-focused publications and blogs.


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