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on-systems is a custom power design house, with aerospace qualified system level COTS components, for efficient integration and design

615A Jubilee Road
Letchworth Garden City,SG6 1NE

Overview and opportunities

On-Systems was started by a group of engineers who wanted to introduce disruptive power supply technology to the defence and high reliability sectors.

At the core of its business, On-Systems strives to:

Understand the requirement, working to deliver what customers need

Build relationships: On-Systems likes be seen as its customers’ own power design department, developing

  1. Product – Using existing proven library elements to efficiently design custom power systems within short lead times
  2. Technology – challenging current capability and rethink power switching topology

The business was started in the defence sector, ensuring systems and library files are ruggedised as standard. As a private company, with no external funding, On-Systems has developed partnerships in the Defence, Aerospace, Rail, Energy and Marine sectors had has customers around the globe across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and South Africa.

The company is a power engineering design company, that offers a full range of standard AC/DC and DC/DC PSUs, 3-phase and VPX units and battery management solutions as well as a custom PSU design service. On-Systems is ISO9001 (2015) qualified and products are built in the UK to AS9100 quality standards.

Recently, On-Systems has introduced a new PSU platform, combining a new topology, custom-designed FET drivers and fast switching speed to deliver industry-changing benefits. Rugged, EMI-silent PSUs can now be delivers that occupy less than a quarter of the space, weigh less than a third and cost less than a half of traditional units, yet which carry all international approvals. The first product is Pebble, a laptop PSU that measures just 115 x 52 x 36mm, weighs only 180g and costs just 20% of existing solutions, but which meets all required MIL-STD and DEF-STD regulations.

Future implementations for the technology are envisaged in diverse applications in aircraft fuel pumps, medical theatres and lighting rigs.

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Classification / Attributes

  • Roles:Engineering, Specialist Areas
  • Entry routes:Graduate Scheme, Experienced Hire, Direct Entry, Apprenticeships
  • Size:SME
  • Areas:South East, South West, London, Midlands,


  • Aircraft interiors
  • Avionics
  • Control systems
  • Electronics
  • Instrumentation
  • Manufacturing
  • Research & Development
  • Systems
  • Specialist Areas
  • Mission systems