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Hopefully, the careers pages of the site have given you an idea about what kind of work in aerospace interests you! Perhaps it's engineering, or becoming a pilot, an air traffic controller or working for an airline. As you can see, aerospace offers something for everyone. There are so many diverse careers available, that it may be reassuring to know that there are options for you whether you are academic or more hands-on.

In this section, find out more about entering the different entry routes, particularly what you need to do at school. Check out our separate section for information on university routes. 

As you will see, from aerospace design to aircraft maintenance, to space courses and aviation management to on-the-job learning, there are lots of different entry routes in the UK which can help prepare you for a career in aerospace.

In addition, while you are at school you can get involved in lots of competitions, initiatives and after-school clubs or join the Air Cadets.

COMING SOON: Extra-curricular activities and competitions, including: the UK Aerospace Youth Rocketry Challenge; RAeS Schools Build-a-Plane Challenge, Schools Aerospace Challenge; Air Cadets and Engineering Development Trust programme information.

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