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Recruitment Websites  
You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t know how much information is available online to help you find out about companies, vacancies and career opportunities in all kinds of industries! Aerospace is no exception and the web provides a wealth of information to help you get started in finding job opportunities.  With so many recruitment-related websites out there, we have produced a list of some which relate to the aerospace industry, from aviation to engineering.

Other Useful Websites  
With commonly-used phrases such as “only 80% of vacancies are advertised”, how do you find out about other companies which exist in your sector? Did you know that the UK aerospace industry is home to hundreds of smaller and medium-sized companies (referred to as SMEs) who also offer exciting career paths - from specialist component manufacturing, to maintenance management to design consultancy and analysis, and more besides?   

Smaller Companies  
Recruitment patterns can vary between SMEs. Some may be looking to recruit one or two graduates each year on a regular basis; others may only recruit on an ‘ad hoc’ basis as their business develops. Others may offer suitable junior roles while others may suit senior, experienced candidates best. With smaller advertising budgets to advertise their recruitment needs, finding SMEs can be more difficult than the larger firms. Many SMEs join local aerospace consortiums to develop their trade links in the UK and overseas. Thus the ‘members’ directory’ of these consortiums can be a useful starting place for research. 

Aerospace Consortiums 
In parts of the UK where there is a ‘hotspot’ of aerospace companies, regional membership organisations for local companies have been set up through government funding to help companies develop their business. Visit the websites below and have a look in the ‘member’s directory’ of each of these consortiums. There you will find lists of many aerospace-related companies around the UK, from large to the very small! You may be surprised by the number of companies you find!  

Aerospace Wales                           

Farnborough Aerospace Consortium   

Midlands Aerospace Alliance           

North West Aerospace Alliance        

West of England Aerospace Forum  

Northern Defence Industries           (represents defence in North East of England and includes an aerospace division)

Pilot Information
Lets Fly Academy is an online resource academy which was built to provide information and resources to aspiring pilots and aviations enthusiast. 

The Honourable Company of Air Pilots is centred on sponsoring and encouraging action and activities designed to ensure that aircraft are piloted and navigated safely by aviators who are highly competent, self-reliant, dependable and respected.The Company fosters the sound education and training of air pilots and air navigators from the initial training of the young pilot to the specialist training of the more mature.

The Air league

General Passenger Transport (Incl Aviation)
Passenger transport and travel is more than moving people from A to B, it’s customer service; entertainment; safety; logistics; operations, planning and training with opportunities to work for big, multinational companies or, indeed, to work for yourself.  With travel, rail, aviation, bus, coach, taxi and private hire, passenger transport and travel is vital in the day to day functioning of the UK and the perfect choice for a lifelong career – who doesn’t need to travel?! Your piece of cake?! Find out more at

Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) 
The aerospace industry’s trade association, the SBAC, also has a useful online member directory of its member companies.
Visit: > Members’ Directory  

For information about other aerospace trade associations across Europe
visit > Information Centre > Members Directory.   

Janes ABC Aerospace Directory – a comprehensive international listing of aerospace and related organisations 

European Regions Airline Association – for airlines, airports, maintenance and aircraft manufacturing across Europe > Membership Centre > Membership Directory  

British Business and General Aviation Association – member companies include aircraft manufacturers, commercial and corporate aircraft operators, flying training organisations, maintenance companies and support service providers > Directory  

The UK Space Index - a comprehensive online listing of space and related organisations  

Graduate Recruitment Websites      

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