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Making Applications - Helping You Through the Recruitment Process


For graduate programmes, the majority of employers start recruiting 12  months in advance so you should start applying when your final year starts.


Recruiters may use:

  • Online application form (especially large graduate recruiters)
  • CV and covering letter (often smaller firms and for second jobs)
  • Online assessment tests
  • Pre-screening telephone interview
  • Assessment centres with aptitude and personality tests
  • Online or in person aptitude and personality tests
  • 1-2-1 or panel interviews
  • Group exercises

For apprenticeship schemes, at the interview stage you will often carry out practical work using tools to test your manual dexterity.

Getting started

Whether you apply to a large or small company, use a CV or online form or apply to engineering roles, flying or business and operations you will find employers want to know to key areas: relevant knowledge and your 'soft skills'.

Writing unique examples for your CV and answering more detailed skills questions on application forms takes time and thought (and usually much more time than you had anticipated!), so you should start by reflecting on your experiences and what you think you have learnt.

In this section, we have more detailed advice on the following pages to help you.

Remember, you can get also get personalised 1-2-1 help from the Royal Aeronautical Society and request a Careers Workshop at your college or university if you and your friends need further help.

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