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Royal Aeronautical Society


Message from Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

The UK enjoys a reputation for excellence in aerospace technologies and we are a major global player in the industry, second only to the United States.

But if we are to continue setting the pace in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, and rise to the technological challenges of the 21st century, we need to attract the next generation of talent into the sector.

So I am delighted to support this new website, the fruits of a partnership between the Royal Aeronautical Society and A|D|S - the national aerospace trade association.

In the next 25 years alone, the world will need another 25,000 fixed wing aircraft and 30,000 helicopters, and there is a burgeoning market in unmanned air vehicles.

To grasp these new opportunities, UK companies will need to bring in the brightest and best scientists and engineers of tomorrow. Because the greatest asset that any business has is its people.

This new site is a fantastic way of showcasing all that aerospace has to offer. It has a wide range of information, advice and guidance for everyone - from school leavers interested in apprenticeships and technician training, to graduates wanting to get on the fast track to the top. 

It tells an aspiring engineer or pilot everything they need to know - which qualifications they will need; how to arrange work placements; and what scholarships are available to fund their training.

The site is also an excellent resource for careers advisors, teachers and parents, providing materials they can use to support young people in making the right career choice.

UK aerospace has a huge amount to offer young people with a gift for Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.  If we spread the word about this wealth of opportunities, we will keep the UK in the vanguard of technological innovation – and secure an even brighter future for UK aerospace and the people who work in it.

I wish the website, and all those who choose to take up a career in aerospace, every success.

Mark Prisk
Minister of State for Business & Enterprise