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RAeS Brooklands Branch Lecture - The Challenge of Hypersonic Flight

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
By: RAeS Careers

Reggie Brie and N E Rowe Award winner, Charlie Muir, aims to enthuse a future generation of engineers with his presentation 'The Challenges of Hypersonic Flight'.

Efforts to achieve sustained, controllable hypersonic flight have been ongoing since the late 1950’s. The vision of hypersonic aircraft revolutionizing the aerospace industry still remains and in recent years feasibility studies have made tangible progress in turning this vision into a reality. The technology is rapidly maturing to the point where hypersonic vehicles may soon be a central part of the aerospace industry.

Charlie Muir's presentation, 'The Challenges of Hypersonic Flight', identifies and analyzes the major obstacles and difficulties which stand in the way of achieving atmospheric hypersonic flight. It also presents a discussion on the developing solutions being made to overcome these difficulties, and the potential applications of this technology.

Commenting on the importance of Charlie's upcoming presentation former Concorde pilot, Christopher Orlebar FRAeS, believes that 'Once regular Single Stage to Orbit vehicles have become the norm, the benefits being able to place a payload into low earth orbit will be immense. Inspirational projects attract the best brains and this presentation is designed to enthuse new aeronautical engineers to take up this very worthwhile challenge'.

Charlie's presentation will also aim to enthuse engineers to develop an interest in the concept of hypersonic flight. Charlie first developed an interest in hypersonic flight during an industrial placement year spent at AgustaWestland where he worked in the simulation and technology department. Currently studying towards a Masters in Aerospace Engineering at the University of the West of England, Charlie is conducting his research thesis on advanced rocket nozzle design aimed at single stage to orbit and hypersonic vehicles, the field in which he aims to pursue a career after university.

Charlie will be delivering his presentation at the Brooklands Museum, 'The Challenges of Hypersonic Flight', on 3 February 2016. More information about the lecture can be found here.