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Explore the World of Flying

It is worth reading as much as you can about flying before you decide that this is the best career option for you.

Join the Aviation Skills Partnership Network to become part of the network discussions and access the latest aviation information.

Us the Careers pages on this website and the Downloadable resources

Browse the Careers information websites listed below in order to understand the routes available for you to become a pilot:

Look at the Careers in Aerospace publications on this website:

Browse the websites of aviation organisations, so you begin to understand more.  They often include helpful pages for would-be pilots. Keep up to date with their news, request any publications which are available, including the definitive GAPAN document:

Read flying journals and aviation articles in newspapers:

 Take the time to look at websites of the Flight Training Organisations (FTOs):

Take an interest in the general websites of the airlines in addition to their Careers and Job pages:

Finance and Funding:

 Look at the pages of Education providers:

Specialist organisations

  • Freedom in the Air (FITA) - a not-for-profit organisation which specialise in the training of people with a range of disabilities to obtain their Private Pilots Licence, National Private Pilots Licence and flying for fun. 
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