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Business and Management

The aerospace industry is huge business – encompassing manufacturers, airlines, airports, regulatory bodies, technical services, government departments and agencies, financial institutions, legal firms, consultancies and international organisations.

Alll work together to manage the airspace effectively and sustain the high safety standards. And manufacturers require business specialists to work with customers to maximise sales, manage recruitment and training of staff, manage complex supply chains and procure contracts. 

Engineering management roles are often filled by former design or maintenance engineers, transferring their skills into decision-making and planning.

For many business roles like finance, supply chain, marketing and human resources, qualified specialists with relevant training and knowledge in these fields are also highly sought after, sometimes coming across from other business sectors. Communications and Public Relations are also essential roles.

NOW LIVE - Read about how supply chain management is crucial to making aerospace companies work effectively - with aircraft programmes relying on suppliers from around the world for literally thousands of different elements and components to come together to produce the final product - safely - our page includes a case study from MBDA apprentice Samantha Ball who is specialising in this area.  

COMING SOON: Features on engineering management, Communications, Procurement, Human Resources, Finance and more!

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